Friday April 5th     1:00-2:00 p.m.

   Words & Music Workshop-Presentation

     Berklee College of Music

    921 Boylston Street, Room 511

       co-sponsored by the Composition Department at Berklee College of Music

     Professors Neil Olmstead (Piano) and Ana Guigui (Voice)

         with visiting poet, Professor Sara Pirkle Hughes (Univ. of Alabama)

      Hosted by Lucy Holstedt, BNPMF Board member, and Professor,

                 Harmony and Jazz Composition Department.

Sara Pirkle Hughes

Neil Olmstead

Neil Olmstead

Ana Guigui

~How does a composer select a poem for a musical setting?

~What does it mean for a musician to collaborate with a poet?

~How can the intended performers influence the design and interpretation? 


        Neil and Ana will present selections from his recently composed song-cycle, 

        Secrets of Ferns.  Two poems of Sara Pirkle Hughes, What Hurts and 

        Doe and Fawn have been set to music and will be featured in this presentation.

Join us for an interactive performance/discussion that will inspire new ideas

     for combining words and music. 

Neil Olmstead and Ana Guigui will also be featured in the Festival's 

    Poetry, Music & Dance Concert, Thursday April 4 at Community Church of Boston.

Sara Pirkle Hughes will be reading her poetry at Boston Public Library on Saturday

    (see web pages for Thursday and Saturday for locations and complete programs).

This and all BNPMF events are FREE, accessible, and open to the public.