SATURDAY, APRIL 6th, 10:00am-4:45pm

   Boston Public Library 

   Commonwealth Salon, 700 Boylston St

10:00  Welcome to Saturday events: Harris Gardner, Co-Founding Director

           Sign-up begins for 11:25 Open Mic and 12:00 Tom Daley Workshop

10:10 Tribute to Sam Cornish, Boston's first Poet Laureate,

           by Doug Holder, Publisher, Ibbetson Street Press

10:20 Cheryl Buchanan, founder, Writers Without Margins, Inc.,

           reading her poetry, and introducing emerging poets. 


10:30 6 POETS:  Martha Boss, Richard Fein, Tamlin Neville,

          Beatriz Alba Del Rio,  Molly Lynn-Watt, Molly Bennett  


11:15 Kalthleen Spivack, with music (Lucy Holstedt, piano)

11:25 OPEN MIC (10 poets) Hosted by Chad Parenteau

1:55   Announcements


[12:00 Tom Daley Workshop begins -- location TBA]

12:00 Kate Finnegan, Executive Director, Kaji Aso Studio

12:10 Visiting Poet: Sara Pirkle Hughes

12:20 Judson Evans

12:30 Poetry and Music: Lucy Holstedt

            and Mikiko Sato 

12:40 New England Poetry Club: Mary Buchinger (President),

          Hillary Sallick (Vice President), Linda Conte (Treasurer)

12:50 Poets Laureate Panel: Zvi A. Sesling (Brookline),

          Lloyd Schwartz (Somerville), Stephen R. Wagner (Amesbury),

          Jean Dany Joachim (former Cambridge Poet Populist,)

1:20  Poetry and Music: Luke Salisbury 

1:30  Tom Daley Workshop Readings

1:40  Poetry and Music: Jennifer Matthews

1:50  4 Poets: Michael Ansara, Denise Provost,

         Ryk McIntyre, Michael Steffen


2:20  Tomas O'Leary (poetry and music)

2:30  Pui Ying Wong and Tim Suermondt

2:45 Music: Claire Mulvaney (voice and guitar)

2:50 Craft & Publishing Panel  hosted by Kirk Etherton

            Gloria Mindock, (publisher, Cervena Barva Press)

            Barbara Helfgott-Hyett (poet and teacher)

            Luke Salisbury, (novelist and poet)

            Steve Glines (publisher, editor, and writer)

3:20 Music: Thea Hopkins (voice and guitar)

3:30 5 POETS: Ralph Pennel, Emily Pineau, Carolyn Gregory,

           Jeffrey Harrison, Kathy Aguero

4:05 CD Collins (poetry and music)

4:15 Richard Hoffman,Senior Writer in Residence, Emerson College

4:30 CLOSING WORDS: Harris Gardner

5:00 LIBRARY CLOSED  (all participants and audience exit by 4:45)

For special needs, call 617-859-2212 two weeks in advance.

OPEN MIC. 11:25 (Sign-up starts 10:00)

Writing Workshop 12:00 (Sign-up starts 10:00) 

Readings and events 10:00am-4:30pm

Book table and book signings until 4:30

Harris Gardner & Sam Cornish

Gloria Mindock

Cheryl Buchanan

Judson Evans

Doug Holder

Luke Salisbury

Zvi  A. Sesling

Kathleen Spivack

Kate Finnegan

Tom Daley

Denise Provost

Jennifer Matthews

Pui Ying Wong

Alex Levering Kern

Chad Parenteau

Tomas O'Leary

Mikiko Sato

CD Collins

Claire Mulvaney

Thea Hopkins

Richard Hoffman